Eyes carefully averted.

A hat seller in a Goa Village.

f5.6, 1/100, ISO 100

She wanted me to photograph her, at the same time she carefully averted her eyes as a shy smile materialized!

Good ol’ wagon from the west!

The American Covered Wagon from yesteryear at Stockyard, Dallas

The American Covered Wagon from yesteryear at Stockyard, Dallas

NIKON D5100, f10, 1/400, ISO 100

Although living in India, in my childhood I have literally lived on a healthy dose of cowboys and westerns. It was absolutely thrilling to see the wagon for real in Stockyard, Dallas.

Lone Star!

Floating Flame in a bowl

Floating Flame in a bowl

f5.6, 1/15, ISO 100, 18mm

….Up ahead in the distance, I saw shimmering light….
….Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way…..

Hotel California – Eagles

Green Transport!

Bicycle in the Frankfurt Airport

It is common sight to see Bicycles inside Frankfurt airport used by security personnel:)

f4.2, 1/60, ISO 640, 26mm

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
H. G. Wells

Hello world!

Hello World!

Here is the dawn of my new website.

DLR, that is , Digital Lens Reflex is a website about all aspects of Digital Photography.

I have been an avid photographer since my teens when I got my first film camera. A few years back I had decided to create an online gallery of my photos and share with all my friends out there 🙂

Then again after a several months of inaction , here I am !

The intent here is to publish my photos and write about the same and also to publish tips & tricks to make your own digital experience full of fun as it has been for me.